If you want to understand Persian culture, spend some time eating and cooking with a Persian family.

Food and hospitality are part of our identity — concepts ingrained in our history that can be traced back as far as 7,000 years ago.

The representation of Persian culture in the UK can often be confused and diluted by politics, which is why both food and hospitality can offer a wonderful window into our world and help tell the story of who we are and where we come from.

Persian food appreciation isn't just for Persian people. In fact, food scholars and historians will offer deep insights into the influence it has had on other cuisines over time. Whether through the travels of the once vast empire, or through the activities of the Persian diaspora spread across the world today, awareness and understanding of the cuisine and the world-class hospitality that comes with it is growing, and we want to profile and share the work being done by so many brilliant people and businesses across the UK.

The Persian Hospitality Network is a not-for-profit organisation developed to raise awareness and understanding of Persian people and brands, celebrate their achievements, and create a collective voice by bringing everyone together.

It is a platform created for Persian people to profile their activities, and create a hub of information to non-Persians to be able to access and enjoy.



Founded and funded by Piers Zangana, the Persian Hospitality Network has been set up to celebrate and profile Persian people and brands working across the UK's food and hospitality sector. It is a non-commercial and not-for-profit organisation.

A former journalist and now director of Susa Comms, a PR and communications business, London-based Piers was born in Tehran and has worked with leading food brands across the UK for 20 years.

Having seen how other communities come together to support one another, Piers developed the PHN with a view to creating a platform to share the best of all things Persian in the UK food and hospitality sector.

Connect with PHN on Instagram, and Piers on @piers_z

If you're a Persian hospitality business and want to collaborate or share your story, please email piers.zangana@susacomms.com

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Piers, who is a former journalist, has worked in the UK hospitality sector for 20 years, and has worked with leading Persian and non-Persian hospitality professionals from across the restaurant, hotel and foodservice sectors.

Whether it's a Persian restaurant, chef, or food supplier, the PHN has been developed to bring everybody together, celebrate the best of what we do, and profile the fantastic talent from across the community. 

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