Elahe & Parastoo

Chefs, Migrateful

Attend a cooking class with mother-daughter duo, Elahe and Parastoo and you can't help but notice their love for Iranian food — and each other.

When Iran’s political climate became too dangerous, Elahe and Parastoo gained refugee status in the UK. But despite Elahe being a trained psychologist in her home country, her qualifications weren’t recognised leaving her unable to find work.

That is until she found Migrateful, a London-based cookery and language initiative where asylum seekers, refugees and migrants struggling to access employment in the UK teach their traditional cuisines to the public. Missing the time spent cooking and eating with loved ones back in Iran, the pair champions the organisation for once again making them feel like part of a family.

Elahe and Parastoo lead Migrateful’s first class back in 2017, where they taught students how to cook Baba Ganoush using camping stoves. Their classes have since become favourites among participants, who have described them as “delicious and touching”.


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