February 23, 2023

Andy Beynon and Sally Abé’s #CookforIran lunch raises awareness for Iranian movement

Andy Beynon and Sally Abé – two English chefs who have never cooked Persian food before – came together last week to shine a spotlight on the humanitarian situation in Iran and support the community.

With the help of Persian Hospitality Network founder Piers Zangana, Beynon (owner of the Michelin-starred Behind restaurant in Hackney) and Abé (chef at the Pem in Westminster) hosted a sold-out, six-course lunch on Sunday 19 February where they served their own take on traditional Persian dishes, such as gheymeh, ghormeh sabzi and mast-o-moosir.

The lunch was part of the #CookForIran movement, which launched last year to raise awareness following protests across the country about the state’s treatment of women and children, sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

We encourage our Persian hospitality community to continue to talk about Iran on social media to help raise awareness about what’s happening back home.

You can see the highlights from the event here

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