February 28, 2023

Persian Hospitality Network founder profiled by Be Inclusive Hospitality

Persian Hospitality Network (PHN) founder Piers Zangana was recently profiled in an interview with Be Inclusive Hospitality (BIH), a not-for-profit organisation which aims to accelerate race equity within the sector.

He spoke about the role food plays in Persian culture, why he set up PHN, how the hospitality sector stepped up to support #CookforIran and #WomanLifeFreedom, and why it’s important to support marginalised people.

“If you can help people, a group, or a community that is being discriminated against, especially if you’re not part of it, it will help facilitate change,” he told BIH.

“It’s really important that we all do what we can to encourage these communities when they are trying to campaign and fight for their basic human rights.”

He set up PHN in 2021 as a platform to celebrate and raise awareness of Persian people and brands in the UK hospitality sector.

Read the full article here

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