April 26, 2021

UK’s first Persian hospitality network launches for food and hospitality professionals

The Persian Hospitality Network (PHN), a platform aiming to celebrate and raise awareness of Persian people and brands in the UK hospitality sector, has been launched today.

Profiling both leading and up-and-coming Persian individuals and brands, the PHN will support the work of industry professionals including chefs, restaurants, hoteliers, cooks, writers, food suppliers.

Designed to act as a hub of information for both Persian and non-Persian audiences, the not-for-profit platform will offer a directory of Persian businesses, helping to connect the community to encourage collaboration and shared success

With close to 100,000 Persian people living across the UK, the country is home to the third largest Persian population in the world (outside of Iran).

The PHN will also create specifically tailored in-person networking opportunities for Persian individuals and businesses once Covid-enforced restrictions have been lifted.

Supported by social media activity across both Instagram and Clubhouse, the new audio-based social networking platform, PHN will give Persian people and brands the opportunity to connect with one another online, as well as inviting them to submit stories and features to an online blog.

Piers Zangana, director of Susa Comms, a specialist hospitality communications business, and founder of PHN, says: “For me, food offers a gateway to any culture and I wanted to create a platform that celebrates the brilliant Persian people and businesses who contribute so much to the UK hospitality sector.

“Hospitality runs through the veins of so many Persian people but our food and culture has never really been truly celebrated in the UK.

“I’ve worked in the industry for almost 20 years and see how so many communities come together to support one another; I wanted to create the same sort of platform for Persian people to help facilitate more collaboration.”

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